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Your chance to volunteer... The more you put into the club, the more you get out of it! We are member operated and depend on members' time and talent to provide YOU with GREAT TRIPS AND EVENTS. Please make your selection:
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  Terms & Conditions
Trip cancellation
Money paid and owing for any trip, by any member is refundable under certain circumstances. Factors controlling refunds are dependent on time frames and arrangements pertaining to each particular trip. For refund consideration, cancellation must be made in writing to the trip leader. The Cancellation fee is $25 plus costs incurred if any.

The Villagers Ski Club may waive cancellation penalties if the participant offers an acceptable, eligible alternative. The Club will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the change. However, in certain circumstances, i.e. gender related problems associated with bed assignments, the Club may reject the proposed substitution or require supplemental funds.
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Family Membership cost is $50.00, Single Membership cost is $30.00

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Snow Skiing Villagers and send application and check to The Villagers Ski Club Treasurer:
Snow Skiing Villagers
2167 Westchester Way
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Note: Your application will be confirmed only after your payment is received.